Luminous Badminton Racket


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Luminous Badminton Racket

Luminous Badminton Racket

Luminous Badminton Racket

Luminous Badminton Racket

KeEp Playing After The Sun Goes Down With This Incredible Rackets!

Grab a friend and play badminton in the dark! Our Luminous Badminton Racket is perfect for playing in the dark night. It makes badminton even more fun for kids or adults. Made with lightweight material and soft handle. your game will not only be enjoyable but less tiring as well. With its solid construction. it’s easy to maneuver for improved agility during play.


  • With the LED badminton racket and shuttlecocks. the fun is just beginning when the sun goes down.
  • The design of cover makes the racket more in conformity with the scientific theory of fluid dynamics to enhance the flexibility of controlling the ball.
  • Non-slip handle grip improves comfort. not easy to slide.
  • Special and Powerful T-Joint Inside Design further improved the stability. achieve high-precision control performance.
  • Take it anywhere. Whether it’s in your backyard. out camping. or at the beach. This nightfall badminton is a must-have for the toy box.
  • Do you have your favorite game coming up? well. this a perfect sports ball to bring tailgating? Gather your friends together into teams and get ready for one amazing game of badminton at night.
  • It is a good toy for children to exercise and often used for parent-child activities.


  • Material: Carbon fiber/ Nylon
  • Size: 57cm x 27cm


  • 2 X Badminton Rackets
  • 2 X Shuttlecock

Blue, GREEN, orange, Red, Yellow


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