ECO Food Preservation Tray


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ECO Food Preservation Tray

Take your kitchen to the next level!

Keep your foodfresh easier.and longer than everwithour innovative Eco Food Preservation Tray.

Forever reusable!Simply insert any food and close the top to create anairtight.leakproofseal with absolutelyzero-waste!

Say goodbye to plastic wrap!

The average American Family uses24 rolls of shrink wrap per year.

That’s roughly. two boxes of shrink wrap. ranging from three to five dollars each. per month. which adds up to around$90 per year!

Ditch thedisposable foodwrapandSTOP throwing your money away.literally!

We all love fresh food. but those brownish leftover?… Not so much. With this innovative Eco Food Preservation Tray. your leftover food stays fresh for days.

Theresistant filmlid releases air from the tray after it’s filled. keeping its contents fresher. longer.

To use the Eco Food Preservation Tray.simply place your leftovers on the tray. cover. release the air. and lock the tray until you’re ready to serve.

Save money and reduce the amount of waste you produce!

No more wrapping your food with shrink wrap and toxic aluminum!

This preserving tray issafe. durable. and Eco-friendly.

Foods such as meat. cheese. fish. fruits. etc. are perfectly covered by theultra-resistantfilm in the lid and sealed in seconds.

Finally. no open packaging or unpleasant odors in the fridge.

Keep Food Fresh For A Long Time

Eco Food Preservation Tray is made with high-quality materials and anultra-resistant elastic filmin the middle.

This makes it easier toseal the food in secondsand release the air from the tray after it’s filled. In this way. your food iskept fresh way longer.

At the same open packaging and no unpleasant odorsin your fridge.

Used For Many Types Of Foods

Whether you want to preservefruits. meat. vegetables. sausages. cheese. pizza. fishor you want to keep fresh yourpastries. these creative trays are the best solution for you.Thesevacuum storage trayswill keep your food well preserved.

Stackable And Space Saver

The smart andcreative designof the trays allows you tostack many of them and save a lot of spacein your fridge.

High Quality. Resistant And Reusable

Food Preservation Tray is made with safe and high-quality materials. The plastic film issuper resistant to penetration and compression.

You can use it many times without any worry.

Also. food preservation trays can beused safely in your dishwasher. your fridge. or in your freezer.

Safe And Eco-Friendly

Last but not least. this new generation of trays are very safe and Eco-friendly.

No more wrapping your food with shrink wrap and toxic Aluminum.

This is a “buy once. use many times” product whichsaves you money and protects better the environment.




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